Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter

Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter

Discover cruising the Abaco Bahamas Out Islands onboard our crewed luxury sailing schooner the “Bahamas luxury yacht charter“. The Abaco’s are the sailing capital of the Bahamas. An entire chain of our enchanting islands and bays that form a 120-mile long luxury yacht charter paradise, surrounded by a warm, calm sea, and crystal clear aqua and turquoise marine waters. A Bahamas luxury yacht charter is the finest way to experience this diversity of the island life and underwater sanctuary.

Geographically, Abaco’s are simply ideal for boating and sailing, the Abaco Coastline is scalloped with bays and secluded coves, with incredible white and pink sandy beaches. Deserted islands are hidden jewels, where you may well be the only one there today. Protected harbors and quaint-out island settlements offer unique and beautifully preserved colonial architecture. A stunning candy striped lighthouse in hope town is a must-see, for panoramic pictures and history from the mid 1800s.

Blue Oceans with Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter

The large island of Great Abaco acts like a mainland, with a long 120-mile string of barrier islands to the east, protected from the ocean swell, and in calm water, with a brilliant and colorful pastel of blues. The water is shallow and protected but still large enough to offer miles and miles of sailing yacht charter, relaxing, and exploring. Top on the list of things to do is to visit the unique and picturesque out island settlements. See hand-built Abaco wooden luxury sailing yacht charter dinghies on Man O War Cay, and visit the Sail Shop, where they will sew you a duffel bag or backpack out of used sail material and a unique fabric “Ambrosia”.

Hope Town luxury yacht charter offers the famous Candy Striped Lighthouse, built in the mid-1800s, and one of only three kerosene burning lighthouses left in the world, that still operates every night. Waterfront Bars, Good Food, and eclectic boutique shops are a fun time. Sandy feet and the laid back atmosphere is the style. Visit Great Guana Cay for a Sunday Beach Party Pig Roast on the beach, a stunning 7-mile beach like you have never seen before. From on top of the dunes, where the bar is, you are looking out at the blue sea of the Atlantic Ocean, speckled with reef and coral that comes right up to the surface.

Secluded beaches and deserted islands abound, and with over 700 islands, we can find you one to enjoy, relax, and recharge. luxury yacht rental the Sea of Abaco, on the “luxury motor sailor gulet”, a Bahamas luxury Yacht Charter, is truly the most fun, and worthwhile holiday to indulge in. We welcome you to experience the Bahamas luxury yacht charter and best of the Out Islands, in Abaco, Bahamas.