Yacht Charter Abaco

Yacht Charter Abaco

The Sea of Abaco and the out islands of the Bahamas is located in the Bahamas and is an almost a 120 miles long yacht charter blue lagoon separating Great Abaco Island known locally as the mainland from a chain of barrier islands known as the Abaco Cays. Depths in the Sea of Abaco are generally a few meters and shallow reefs and shoals are popular with boaters and are referred to as a marine paradise, offering a sheltered passage through the Abaco Islands yacht charter Abaco. The majority of the largest settlements and towns in the Abaco Islands are located along the shores of the sea.

Cays in Yacht Charter Abaco

The Northern part of the Sea of Abaco being south of the hog cays, between Crab Cay and Spanish Cay. From Spanish Cay south to little harbour yacht charter, the Sea of Abaco forms a lagoon flanked to the east by the Abaco Cays and the Great Abaco Barrier Reef. To the west, it is bordered by Great Abaco Island, which forms a nautically impassible barrier for its entire length.

Navigable channels between some of the individual Abaco Cays and Out Islands provide access to the Atlantic Ocean. The Sea of yacht charter Abaco, unlike many continental lagoon systems, is completely saline, which is part of the reason why its waters are extremely clear. Coastal mangroves are abundant along with the islands which border the sea, and marine life is relatively diverse.

The luxury yacht charter Abaco sea is partly fringed by what is sometimes considered to be the third-largest barrier reef system on Earth, the Great Abaco Barrier Reef. This reef is considered particularly impressive due to the presence of large stands of staghorn and elkhorn coral. By one account, the largest stand of elkhorn coral in the world is located within the Sea of Abaco yacht charter, near Sandy Cay, south of Man-O-War Cay.