Bahamas Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter Bahamas

Your private yacht charter in Abaco, Bahamas on the yacht charter Bahamas is invigorating and exhilarating. Whether you help the crew hoist the sails, or shout encouragement between sips of a cold beer, or take a turn at the helm, we are here to make your sailing vacation a memorable one. Our crew is eager to teach you all about the ship, these beautiful islands, and what we refer to as “Island Life”.

You will enjoy a shift to a slower pace, when what matters today are life’s simple joys of sun soaked days and moon filled nights. The Barcelona Explorer offers a very laid back beach and yacht charter Bahamas.

Cultural Colors with Yacht Charter Bahamas

The Out Islands of the Bahamas are the unspoiled Bahamas. We will visit a sublime mix of small towns and settlements to private beaches and islands, where we may be the only people there. Renowned for its natural beauty, tranquility, and underwater diversity, you’ll have the right mix of water activities, fun, and relaxation. Welcome aboard the 100′ Luxury Motor Sailor Schooner, the “luxury yacht rental” in Abaco, Bahamas.